Academic studies for classical singing with James Thomas 1992-1996. Regular classic concerts until 2002.
Various buffet arrangements, e.g. 10 years partnership with the company COSMOVEDA, specializing in upmarket vegetarian cuisine.

2002 founding of KALIMEDIA, publishing company for special cartographic products. Publisher and editor of specialized maps and guides together with the cartographer Stefan Hormes. A few examples of these publications are: "The Atlas of True Names", "The Beer Map" and in 2011 "The Wine-Atlas" (Worldwide/Europe/Germany).

Professionally trained as a Sommelier at "DWS Hamburg" in 2011. Since then working continuously as a Sommelier particularly at the wine house "von Melle" in Lübeck and in september 2014 lecturer "The World of French Wine" on Mein Schiff 2.
Since 2015 also independent wine-consultant for the agency FF.K, Hamburg across Germany and
furthermore responsible editor of KALIMEDIA.


• commented tasting sessions

• detailed wine descriptions

• specialist articles

• event concept



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